25. Out with the old (Bushwalla) – in with the new (Billy)!

We are delighted to announce that our beloved Billy Galewood (formerly known as Bushwalla) is back in the low lands of Holland THIS SUMMER!

Even better: He’ll be performing for us twice – debuting his brand-new show “Zero to Billy”, as well as doing an all-music performance of old and new songs of his latest (and last Bushwalla-) LP “Ordinary Tales of Madness”!

August 5: Get ready for “Zero to Billy”, “an improvisation-based comedy exploration” and experience Billy Galewood as you have never before!

August 6: Look forward to “Music with Billy”, an acoustic evening with both songs that we’ve grown to know and love, as well as songs of Billy’s new era!

Time: doors open at 20:00, show time around 20:30
Tickets: 25€ for single show (either August 5 or August 6) – 40€ for both shows! Please write a message here on the website or email us at [email protected] to sign up for the show
Location: Utrecht/the Netherlands
Info/questions: [email protected]

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