UtrechtLRCs is a house concert project started in 2008. We host intimate house shows with international artists and aim to bring together new and old friends, as well as communities.

Roxanne, Thea, Emile, Bushwalla, Antonia

How it started

UtrechtLRCs was founded by Emile Haffmans in 2008 with a concert by Bushwalla at a rented venue. However, Emile quickly realized that renting a venue was unnecessary due to the large space provided in his parents’ home, thus beginning the house concert tradition. Bushwalla came back for a proper “LRC” (Living Room Concert) that same year and throughout the following years.

In 2009 Antonia Helbig visited a Bushwalla house concert and the two became boyfriend and girlfriend. Antonia has been involved with the house shows ever since, now organizing them together with Emile.

Our friends

Initially UtrechtLRCs set out with one or two show per year, but by now it aims to do one every two to three months. Regular artists include Bushwalla, Dawn Mitschele and Ryan Dilmore. In addition, we continually work with others, such as Jason Mraz, Jay Nash, Garrison Starr, James Robinson and Parker Ainsworth. We love to invite new artists, which means that this list will certainly grow in the coming years!

We share both professional and personal bonds with all of our artists. That is why we aim to provide a genuine and honest concert atmosphere, allowing close contact between the artist and the fans. We’re all friends and we look forward to greeting YOU amongst us.

tjte2Emile’s LRC

So what’s the difference between UtrechtLRCs and Emile’s LRC? “Emile’s LRC” or “Emile’s” is simply what we consider to be the name of the venue. It is for this reason that recordings of shows are titled “Live at Emile’s LRC”. UtrechtLRCs, on the other hand, refers to the community as a whole. It includes the venue, but also the people; the visitors and the artists. Have you been to a show? That makes you a part of UtrechtLRCs!


Please note: UtrechtLRCs does not aim to financially profit from its activities. We invest our time and money into the show out of love for the music, the artists and our community. It is purely a hobby. This website is made by Urban Services, which mainly provides digital marketing for art galleries, but contributes to other projects as well.

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